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A note to Albany Medical Center employees

Do you have questions about how to integrate your Albany Medical Center benefits with the rest of your investment portfolio?
Would you like to benefit from the long experience that I have with the AMC benefit package?

I began working with the 403b vendor for AMC employees in 1997 and have been working independently with AMC employees since 2002. Over 95% of my clients at RJM are your colleagues: physicians, research doctors, nurses, and department managers. I have developed a thorough understanding of the variety of benefit programs available to you at AMC, and bring a lifetime of professional practice to evaluating and integrating those benefits with your personal financial plans. Clients leaving AMC for other medical centers have continued to work with me, enjoying continuity of investment management and advice.

AMC’s benefits are comprehensive and well designed, offering many programs to cover the needs of every employee. Frequently, however, your specific needs as physician, researcher, physician’s assistant, nurse, or department head may require individual action to guarantee adequate protection for you and your family. That's where I can help.

This may mean consideration of private insurances, or simply a knowledgeable review and recommended actions from an independent professional. (RJM does not sell any insurance products but makes recommendations.) There is significant flexibility to improve your investment choices within your MetLife 403b plan which you may not be aware of.

I am available by appointment to discuss (free of charge) your investment concerns and whether I may be able to show you how to improve your benefits and increase the investment returns of your 403b. I urge you to call me, or even better, wave me down if you see me in the halls of AMC visiting with my clients and your colleagues.

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