RJM Investments - Building Trust Through Wisdom and Integrity

Welcome to RJM Investments

I founded RJM Investments in 2002 to bring my own style of personalized, objective and careful portfolio management to Capital District professionals. Most importantly, I offer independent, fee-only investment advice.

RJM Investments is a small firm, and that’s the way my clients like it. At RJM, small means that you can expect the complete attention and full availability of me, not an associate. I answer my own phone. As a fee-only fiduciary, I am paid solely by my clients, and I never accept fees or commissions from third parties. As your fiduciary, I am legally required to always act in your best interests. This is a responsibility that I take most seriously.

I believe that a carefully allocated, well-diversified portfolio of no-load mutual funds offers the highest probability of long-term investment success with the lowest risk of underperformance. As over 95% of the portfolios that I manage are retirement accounts, my first goal is to protect principle and then earn a reasonable return. I am not trying to beat the stock market every year. My practice is to follow and recommend that my clients follow solid, time-tested fundamentals of investing that maximize the likelihood of long-term investment success.

My intention is to work with my clients for the rest of their lives.

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